Things To Consider Before Starting a Freelancing Career

There are many reasons, why people are opting for freelancing, a hot topic of discussion these days. However, you need to take several things into consideration, in order to know, whether freelancing is meant for you or not.

Things To Consider Before Starting a Freelancing Career

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Are you a self starter?

If you are planning to become a freelancer, you need to get things going for yourself and it is very essential to have that go getter attitude. Having this attitude, should be your strongest trait. Without this, there are very little chances of you surviving as a freelancer.

Are you capable of handling rejections?

Rejection is very common with freelancing and most of the times, this is what you will hear. As a freelancer, you need to build up your reputation and you need to spend a lot of time on the job listing sites and job boards, looking for work. Many a times, there are chances of getting a negative reply.  There are various reasons for this, however, you will see changes, once you gain enough experience.  So, for dealing with this, you have to use all kinds of motivating ways.

Are you afraid of failure?

Just like rejection, there are possibilities of failure as well. There is no way to avoid this, but you can make sure that it is handled properly. Sometimes, clients tell you to work on something, which you have never heard before. However, if it is not figured out properly, it will lead to lots of misunderstandings.

Do you possess the necessary time management skills?

You can do everything  properly, only if you manage your time properly. A freelancer will tell you many things about working late nights and for working for longer periods of time.  You should have the quality of managing your time properly and allocating necessary time to all your tasks.

Are you comfortable, communicating with people?

You must be able to communicate well, be it on the phone, online or in person and this will definitely take you to a completely next level. There are many freelancers, who are not able to communicate properly and thus, miss out on opportunities.

Your financial situation

The money that you will earn with freelancing, is quite different from that  earned through employment.  There is a steady amount of expected bonuses and income in an agency or corporate positions. In freelancing, there is variation in the amount, as per the work done. You should have a good grasp over your debts and fiscal history.


For being successful in freelancing, it is necessary to have to a good network. This will help in accommodating the desired amount of growth.

The ability to outsource

Are you possessing all skills for handling jobs? Are you having the time, for handling excess work load? Many freelancers have their own doubts about outsourcing their work. However, hiring someone is better than completing all the work personally.

Do you have all things that are required?

In terms of technology, there are various things that are required. These include workspace, computers, office furniture and lots more. Many freelancers do not plan well, thus facing problems.


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