All About CSS3 Media Queries

If I fill water in a container it will spread as per containers dimension. Media queries help us achieve similar goal. They render responsive design. What is responsive design? A responsive design fits itself as per the screen it is … Continue reading


Readable HTML Code

I always believe in keeping things simple. The same theory I apply to my work as well. Recently a friend asked me why I type code on separate lines. I told him it is more readable and easy to scan. … Continue reading

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Importance Of Flexible Layouts

A few years ago, making fixed width designs was a fashion, rather a norm because it was more convenient. As time passed and people started using internet on their cell phones and net books, the fashion of going width a … Continue reading

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Things Amateur Developers Should Know

If you are an amateur developer, you would probably be confused about where to start and which direction to follow as you would be working in a broad field where you can choose from a number of options. You should … Continue reading

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@Font – Face

I have read many articles on how to implement and use font-face and found useful information as well but in bits and pieces. So finally I decided to write one on my own including all the important points that any … Continue reading

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