Making A Website From Concept To Completion

The new website as a whole should be included in the project thinking as it is of great importance. The website that is created must be unified in optimization, usability, experience, functionality, design and content. A streamlined process should be … Continue reading


Web Design Tips For Beginners

It is time for looking at some important tips for web designing. Once a fresher gets started, he has all the time for looking at things properly and logically. Image Credit Decide the type of website Before starting, the type … Continue reading

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Making And Maintaining Online Portfolio

If you are in creative business, it is very important to maintain an online portfolio. Showcasing your work is important in order to get better recognition and hence better business. A lot of artists wish to maintain an online portfolio … Continue reading

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Vertical Navigation Or Horizontal Navigation

For many people who design websites, one thing is sure that they have spent lots of time in thinking where the main navigation should be placed. Even though this is a very minor thing, it has a great impact on … Continue reading

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How To Get More Design Work With A Prospect List

A lot of web design businesses are never really successful; they cannot sustain themselves in the long run. Quite a few web designers back out with a few months of entering the business or suffer from huge losses. The reason … Continue reading