Dealing With The Problem Of An Overcrowded Homepage

Sometimes there is a difficulty when it comes to finding a balance in design. There is at least one conversion goal on each webpage. Many a times the homepage is very overcrowded. Given below are some tips that can help to know whether the homepage is overcrowded and what things can be done about it. Some improvement is always needed by the homepages. There are many homepages that are difficult to understand and are quite overcrowded. New visitors are left confused many a times.

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The goal should be established

The Issue: Sometimes the homepage doesn’t have a specific message or a goal. As a result, nothing is accomplished by the homepage.

The Fix: One should sit with the client and ask them about the reason for the development of their website.  Once the goal of the website is understood, a proper understanding about the homepage can be developed as well. A clear headline should be put instead of short descriptions.

Few calls to action

The Issue: Visitors cannot take their decision if they get many options.

The Fix: If there are many calls to action on the homepage, it may prove to be dangerous. It can either break or make the website. If the homepage is creating confusion, it would lead to the time of visitors being wasted.

Online salesperson

The Issue: Most websites try and sell something. However, this goal is not accomplished by many websites.

The Fix: If work is being done with the owner or the project manager of the business, the techniques of selling should be discussed.

These 3 concepts will definitely help in dealing with the problem of overcrowded homepage. Some collaboration with the client will be required. Some tough decisions need to be taken as well.


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