Details In Design Can Make The Difference

There are a number of reasons why detail is important in a design. A detail can make the difference between an excellent design and a good design.

Details In Design Can Make The Difference

The reason for designing

Why design when you are creating something that is not appealing. As a designer you want to create something that is appealing and putting details in your design helps you make it more appealing for the client and for the users of course.

Keep the user in mind

Your design should be crystal clear for the user. Detail elements are more important for the user than the design elements. You should understand that details would help with better understand about the working of things on the web. The user is looking for information and putting details would ensure that he gets the information he is looking for. While the look can be appealing, a look without details is not going to solve the purpose for the user.

Know your target audience

What platform is your target audience going to use? Knowing the answer to this question can be really helpful while putting details in the design. Don’t make your audience thing too hard while looking at your design. Make sure that you have created something that your audience would understand easily.

No detail equals ineffective work

The question that each designer has on his mind is whether the absence of details makes his work ineffective. The answer to this question would always remain debatable. In some cases this may be false. The design may work just fine without details. In some other cases it may be true as the client might be looking for more details than you originally put in your work.

Don’t put too much detail

Designers sometimes fall in this trap. Putting too many details can actually cause over simulation. You should give sufficient attention to the details, but ensure that you do not end up overdoing things. You should only add details that seem to add value to your design.


Written by Nikhil Malhotra

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  1. Quan says:

    Design plays a very importnat role in the creation of a web page. As you said while designing you need to keep in mind the interest of the users or your target visitors so that you give them a nice experience. Nice post !!!

    Quan Scire

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