Maintain Simplicity In User Interface

The central theme of any user interface should be simplicity. Many designers think that simple UI is important only when you are designing something that is to be used on a mobile. This is not entirely true because simplicity is important for any user interface and not just for mobile.

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Here are some tips that can help you create a simple and clutter free UI. You can put these tips to use while designing the UI of anything, be it a mobile app or a website.

1. Putting videos in the UI can be really cool but you should avoid them when they start interfering with the job. Videos consume a lot of bandwidth and are likely to hinder with the browsing experience, which may make your customers turn to your competitors. Avoid using Flash or bother such formats that are not compatible in all devices.

2. People have started browsing on the go using their laptops, mobiles and tablet PCs. Make sure that you do not use any fonts or colours that fiddle with the user experience. Too small fonts or flashy colours can cause problems for your users.

3. A special tip while designing apps for mobiles. Mobile sites should never have an option to scroll. Scrolling on a mobile device can cause a lot of trouble for the user. The more trouble it cause, the more are the chances that the user may stop using it all together. You should also make sure that the links that you put for clicking are large enough to click without zooming, especially when the app is designed for touch screens.

A simple and clutter free UI is important for every platform. The user should get what he is looking for. In a simple UI, the user would be able to find what he is looking for more easily while in a cluttered website, browsing would become difficult. Choose a simple UI so that your design solves its purpose.


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