To Be Or Not To Be, A Freelancer

Many individuals wish to take up freelancing as a full time job. However it is very important that you carefully scrutinize all the advantages and disadvantages of this job. It is utterly important to realize the benefits that a full time or part time job will yield.

For all this you should conduct a proper analysis and only then decide which part of the line you want to step in, the full time freelancer or the part time freelancer while still taking care of your job. The pros of full time freelancing are abundant. Apart from the freedom of not having to work under anyone, there is also the liberty to work at your own will.

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You should consider all your options before going full time. It is important that you recognize the percentage of commitment that you are ready to give to your work if you do opt to work full time. Unlike part time freelancing, full time requires much more dedication than the other job. It is important that you give everything you have to the job when you are freelancing.

You can also ask for the opinions of the people who have already changed their priority, from part time to full time. You can seek their advice as well as get your doubts and queries answered from them. They have more experience than you do and have seen the grass on both the sides.

It is also important to find a partner or a buddy ready to go freelancing. This should be done in order to be on the safer side. Your partner and you can work together to be each other’s rescue party. It is also advisable to have a partner who will help you sail through full time freelancing when you need motivation and you can motivate him.

The most important thing that you need to take care of is the money matters. You should consider the fact that money can sometimes become a big problem when it comes to freelancing as a full time job.

A lot of individuals regret stepping into full time freelancing as the pay is not as handsome as a regular nine to five job. However, if you love your job and give in full dedication then with the passing of time, you can start earning healthily and enjoy your job as well.


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