What To Ask A Client Before You Start Their Project

We all are aware about the importance of fact-finding, before beginning a web design project.  Until and unless, we know about all the needs of the clients, we cannot start working on a project.  In many cases, if these things are not known, the desired effect cannot be created.  Nowadays, you can see long questionnaires, out there in the market.

It is better to choose a shorter questionnaire with some in-depth questions about the needs and wants of clients. Given below are some questions that should be asked to the clients before handling their website project.

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Describe your company/project using as few words as possible.

It is important to know the overview of business, before designing a website for them. Knowing about their philosophy is also very important while managing their website project.

Do you have any branding I can use? (Logo, images etc.)

I feel logo creation is one the hardest tasks to do as it establishes the identity. If the client has got a logo then it will be easy for you to create website as color combination of website generally rotates around that of logo.

This will also help you to decide on the cost for the project as logo creation can be counted as a big separate task.

Do you have a deadline for this project?

Always a very important question to ask since this is how you can keep track of the project and schedule the work you will be handling side by side or may be after finishing the one in hand.

Please share some websites (links) that you like and tell me what inspires you about them.

Something that should not be missed, as a UI designer you will get better understanding of the project by checking the website that client sends as inspiration. It’s little easy to understand what exactly client is aiming as the end product.

Do let me know if you feel that something else should be there in the list?


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